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Does Rogaine Work On Your Face

Rogaine is a well-known drug that has Minoxidil as its main ingredient. Commonly, this topical solution comes in two types, one that contains 2% of the mentioned potent ingredient and the other with 5%. The doses are chosen based on the needs of the user. But regardless of the type used, Rogaine is supposed to effectively work in combating hair loss.

Incidentally, this topical treatment was discovered by accident. A few decades ago, Minoxidil was being developed as a drug for lowering high blood pressure. The drug worked but experts have also noted that patients who used the medicine also experienced improved hair growth.
Considering that there are a huge number of men and women who are facing problems of thinning hair or baldness, it is no wonder that this remedy was a big hit. Now, the question is - Does Rogaine also work for the face?

Does Rogaine Work On Your Face?

Hair loss does not only occur on the head or scalp area. It can happen on the face where facial hairs also grow. For a man who sports a beard, suddenly finding patches of missing beard can be quite a shocking experience. Bearded men think of their facial hair as part of their looks and personality so losing them all of a sudden could create negative impacts on their lives. Although facial hair loss is harmless, it can significantly lessen a man’s self-worth and reputation.

The patches resulting from hair loss on the face is a disorder called Alopecia Barbae. It is a type of hair loss that affects the section where the beard is growing.  With this said, it is clear that this variant of alopecia only affects men.

So, how could men with Alopecia Barbae grow back their beard? Will Rogaine, a proven effective hair loss treatment with rogaine, also work on re-growing facial hairs?

Experts in the field of hair loss and hair growth can offer several ways to treat Alopecia Barbae and the topical Rogaine with Minoxidil is often one of their recommendations. Yes, according to them, even for facial hair, Rogaine was found to work.

The treatment using Rogaine is very simple, just like with the scalp, the solution is simply applied to the affected areas and that’s it. The one with a 5% concentration of Minoxidil is said to more effective than the one with only 2% so the former could be the better choice. To be sure, seek the advice of a doctor or hair loss specialist.

Additionally, if you want to boost the effectiveness of your treatment using Rogaine, you can also ask your doctor about using it with Cortisone. It was observed that the efficacy of Minoxidil is raised in multiples when used in conjunction with steroids.


As a final point, Rogaine was found to be effective. This hair loss remedy promotes hair growth on the scalp or face as it helps boosts the production of amino acids which is an important building block of proteins in every hair strand. With the right amount and proper supply of the building blocks needed to produce proteins, you don’t have to worry about waking up with patches of missing facial hair again as you can now expect healthy hair re-growth. I am hopeful that you have got the answer to the question Does Rogaine Work for Face.