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Blogger How To Start

The blogging industry is very charming due to high rewards & returns. Within in few years, you can expect a constant stream of income that can help you enjoy a tension free life. Apart from this, you do not need to report to any boss because you are your own boss. No one can dictate which strategy you need to follow and if you are newbie then you can hire one web design company in mumbai.
In order to start a blog, you need to have knowledge over the topic you are going to build the blog. If you are not good at the niche, you will face difficulty in the creation of valuable content. Apart from this, your posts will be of no use and your no one will revert to your blog again.

Though, the percentage of WordPress users is high as compared to other blogging platform users, but most of the newbie bloggers choose Blogger for their first blog and for them many free blogger templates are available in the market at gooyaabi templates. The reason is very simple because it is 100% free, simple, and easy to understand and does not put you in much trouble while working around. If you are a new blogger, our tutorial guide Blogger How to Start will help you greatly.

Step 1 - Visit and sign in using Google account, if you have. Otherwise, sign up for a new account. Upon successful login, you will see a small pop up window asking for the blog title, subdomain, and themes. Enter details as per your needs and select the theme.

Step 2 - Now click Posts on the left side menu to open up the posting page. Now, click create a New Post button to make a new post. Here you can enter post title, body and publish the post right away. To improve your post's SEO, use the permalink option from the right side menu. If you do not want to publish the post to go live at a later time, you can do so by using the schedule option. You can also label the post from this page. This helps the blog's visitors to search the entire blog using the relevant label or tag.

Optional Steps - There are some other options available as well such as Comments, Stats, Earnings, etc. You can click comments link from the left menu to approve & reject comments on your posts. If someone is trying to add spam comments, then you can tag that person as a spammer. So, you will not have to moderate his or her comments again. This saves a lot of time.

Stats - All information about web traffic to your blog can be viewed from this page. Traffic stats about today, yesterday and of the last month are also available to gauge the performance of your blog.

Blogger is the best blogging platform and gives an easy start for newbie bloggers. Definitely, as your blog grows, you can migrate to paid domain & hosting. Apart from this, you can switch to the most advanced blogging platform such as WordPress to give a better service to your blog's visitor. We are hopeful that you have liked our post-Blogger How to Start, pass on your comments and suggestion, we are listening. Happy Blogging!

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